Juvela Gluten Free Pizza Bases

A while back, I was sent a sample box of GF products from Juvela.

The products were very long life so I stored them away for a rainy day, not getting my hopes up too much as I thought anything with a shelf life that long must be pretty....card-boardy.

Anyway, we got the pizza bases out last night so we could have a little treat on a rainy 'oh why isn't it the weekend yet' evening.

We topped them and cooked them in the oven for 15 minutes and the result was pretty awesome. The base was pretty easy to slice (I've found this to be a big problem with GF pizza bases) and the crust was so, er, crusty and yum. I also loved the fact that the bases are a perfect size for one (greedy) person.

Now after all that praise comes the negativity - I can't currently get Juvela pizza bases from the shops or from their website, they are only available on prescription. And since I'm not a Coeliac, I can't get GF food on prescription. I hope one day, that all of Juvela's products will be available on their website but for the time being you can only buy their cereals and some sweet snacks online.

Here's what I stuck on my pizza (not particularly interesting, but I thought it might provide an interesting insight into the mind of a chilli obsessed, fussy eater meat freak who actually ends up eating things like cheese even though it makes her poorly.)

1. Firstly, I peeled and halved a garlic clove, then rubbed the garlic clove all over the pizza base.
2. Then I spooned over tomato puree and Sacla Tomato & Chilli Intense Paste.
3. I then added chopped yellow pepper, chopped jalepeno peppers, chopped cooked chicken, chopped salami, sweetcorn, sun dried tomatoes, grated cheddar (we normally use mozzarella but our small Tesco didn't have it) and salt and pepper.
4. Serve with ketchup and chilli sauce. (Encona Caribbean sauces like this one are perfect with pizza!)

Make sure to save a couple of slices to have cold later on ;)


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