Happy New Year!

Happy 2011!

I had a blood test for coeliac disease at the doctors before Christmas - it came back negative! Woot!
(I really had to nag for that!)

So that's good. On the negative side, it seems I'm intolerant to dairy....

When will the fun and games ever end?!

I asked the doc for a proper food allergy test and he refused, saying that self diagnosis was more accurate....
He also suggested I look up IBS on the internet as that might explain my symptoms....

I already had no faith in GPs, I now have negative faith in GPs.


  1. I'm probably being dim but if you arn't eating gluten currently how is the blood test going to tell you anything? It's an antibody test and you will automatically come out negative if you arn't eating gluten in 'normal' quantities.

    As far as I can work out IBS means bowel problems they haven't managed to find a reason for and indeed one official medical type website defined it as bowel problems when the gut looks healthy though I know it's often diagnosed without them looking at the gut at all.

  2. Hi Esther,
    Not dim at all. I probably should have given more details. I purposely glutened myself before the test. I didn't eat it in 'normal quantities' though...I couldn't face that. I don't have the major symptoms of coeliac disease so I'm not hugely worried I have it, I just wanted to check.
    As for the IBS - I was diagnosed with IBS when I was a teen as it was a cover-all diagnosis for all my symptoms. When I self diagnosed myself with food intolerances after the IBS medicine didn't work I found all my 'IBS symptoms' disappeared. I'm insulted when doctors tell me it's just IBS because they have no idea the years of pain I went through when I was told by several doctors it was 'just IBS'.
    I've written more about my self-diagnosis story here - http://ukglutenfree.blogspot.com/2009/07/self-diagnosis.html


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