GPs - Another Rant

This article highlights the fact that GPs are routinely diagnosing IBS for all sorts of digestive complaints instead of investigating specific food intolerances. This is precisely why I had to diagnose myself with wheat intolerance and why I am only just discovering I have issues with lactose. GPs listen up!

"It is estimated that 20% of IBS cases may be lactose intolerance" - and how many more cases are actually wheat intolerance or coeliac disease or any other thing?


  1. Oh yes, I so agree. I've been diagnosed with grumbling appendix, IBS and stomach migraine over the many years since I was a child and in the end, when I was into my 50s, I did the diagnosing along with the help of a homeopathic doctor. So I may be coeliac but I'll never know as I'm not going to start eating wheat again just to have the testing.


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