Gluten Free Baking Course

If I wasn't so utterly poor from paying for my very impressive yet silly expensive Invisalign braces, I'd be heading down to River Cottage HQ in Dorset for this one day gluten free baking course.
I found out about it by reading the fabulous 'Straight Into Bed CakeFree and Dried' blog. The author, Naomi is running the course and promises to teach you all about the alternative ingredients necessary for GF baking.
She adds -
"It's an opportunity to answer any of those baking questions you always longed to ask, but never got round to. To learn about and sample a whole range of gluten free flours and meet some others who have been blessed with the opportunity to go gluten free.
To bake a loaf of bread, whip up a batch of fudgy brownies, make some delicious pastry, sample some blinis along with a scrumptious lunch, cooked using seasonal produce by one of the Park Farm chefs."

Sounds just perfect!


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