Gluten and Dairy Free Dessert - Need Help!

OK - I'm really struggling on this one. I am now officially cutting out dairy (apart from a bit of chocolate - come on, I need something to keep me sane!!) and I have a dinner party coming up.
I am utterly stumped for ideas for desserts.
It's keeping me awake nights.
Help, please?


  1. Apple crumble made with gf flour (and or oats etc if you eat them) and dairy free marg stuff (can you tell I'm only gluten free so far!)? Meringues with fruit (sort of pavlova without cream)? Ummmm, ok that might be it... Will keep thinking though.

  2. Ah, see?! It's not exactly easy is it? :)

  3. get some soy milk and look up a vegan chocolate mousse recipe.. seriously the best choc mousse I have ever had used soy milk, dairy free choc, sugar and pretty much nothing else and I generally detest soy milk and soy flour (which is only good in chocolate brownies... I see a pattern forming here!) My brownie recipe uses butter or I'd suggest that instead.

    Actually the apple cake I made recently was seriously nice and worked fine with marg rather than butter and was very good with a choc sauce on top which again you can find plenty of vegan versions of on line which by default are gluten free.

  4. Also try this blog she has many interesting recipes most of which would be fine for you.

    Try checking out vegan blogs to they often have great dairy free desserts and with desserts I find it's often easier to convert a dairy free one to gluten free rather than the other way round.

  5. Hi, when I saw your post I thought of this recipe which I'd read a few days earlier. I haven't tried it myself but the comments on the blog seem to sing its praises. Seems an interesting idea anyway.


  6. Hi Debra,
    just found your blog. Feel free to wander over to mine for a HOST of gluten free, dairy free deserts! How about warm, apple cake?! You can make them all gluten free with eggs, or gluten free and vegan. enjoy!

  7. Thanks both. Will check out both sites!

  8. Greetings from Scotland! I enjoyed reading your articles.


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