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Sainsbury's Multiseeded Brown Sliced Bread

I picked up a loaf of Sainsubry's new Free From brown loaf the other day. I actually had to look for it, that's how big the free from section is now. It has actually doubled in size since the last time I was in there. Very impressive. My husband thought my squeels might reach a pitch where only dogs could hear. The loaf is actually teeny tiny. As you can see from the photo, this is the size of it compare to a 'normal' brown sliced loaf from Sainsbury's.
Anyway, I made some sandwiches and packed them ready for my trip to London. The sandwiches survived the journey and kept their shape. The taste was pretty erm, tasty. I would describe the texture as being pretty close to the Dietary Specials brown loaf but a little bit lighter. I would normally toast the DS bread first but I didn't have to with this. The taste is much better than the DS bread. You can really taste the seeds and it was quite different to the white bread out there. (Sometimes you can't tell the dif…

Gluten Free Baking Course

If I wasn't so utterly poor from paying for my very impressive yet silly expensive Invisalign braces, I'd be heading down to River Cottage HQ in Dorset for this one day gluten free baking course. I found out about it by reading the fabulous 'Straight Into Bed CakeFree and Dried' blog. The author, Naomi is running the course and promises to teach you all about the alternative ingredients necessary for GF baking. She adds -"It's an opportunity to answer any of those baking questions you always longed to ask, but never got round to. To learn about and sample a whole range of gluten free flours and meet some others who have been blessed with the opportunity to go gluten free. To bake a loaf of bread, whip up a batch of fudgy brownies, make some delicious pastry, sample some blinis along with a scrumptious lunch, cooked using seasonal produce by one of the Park Farm chefs."
Sounds just perfect!

New Sainsbury's Gluten Free Bakery Selection

Sainsbury's have launched their very own gluten free baked goods. You can now buy;
White sliced bread 400g, £1.99 Multiseeded Brown sliced bread £1.99 White rolls £2.29 Multiseeded white rolls £2.29
The seeded rolls pictured above make a cracking bacon sandwich. I had one last night and was impressed by 3 main things;
I could easily slice it in half I didn't need to toast it first It didn't fall apart in my hands when I ate it
The new sliced loaf looks delicious too. I'll definitely buy it soon to try out and review.
You may have noticed that you can also buy Sainsbury's freefrom Chicken steaks, freefrom Chicken nuggets, freefrom Chips and freefrom Fish fingers.
They are really spoiling us!

Salicylate Intolerance

For a hypochondriac like me, hearing that there's a new food intolerance on the block is cause for alarm and dread.
Until today, I'd never heard of Salicylate Intolerance or salicylates for that matter but it seems that they are causing scores of people problems because they are found in fruit, veg, nuts, aspirin, processed foods and many drinks.
According to Wikipedia - "Salicylates are derivatives of salicylic acid that occur naturally in plants and serve as a natural immune hormone and preservative, protecting the plants against diseases, insects, fungi, and harmful bacteria. Salicylates can also be found in many medications, perfumes and preservatives. Both natural and synthetic salicylates can cause health problems in anyone when consumed in large doses. But for those who are salicylate intolerant, even small doses of salicylate can cause adverse reactions."
Symptoms include;
SkinReddening of the eyes and faceIncreased tear secretionEarsRinging in the earsNeurologica…

Fancy Gluten Free Chocolates

Gluten Free chocolates? Well yes I know what you're thinking. But for anyone severely affected by an allergy to gluten, a whole online shop of chocs untouched by gluten is a wonderful thing.And lovely chocs they are too. Take a look at the beautious selection Ye Olde Friars of Keswick sent me from their gluten free range. I've been happily chomping my way through chocolate Swiss Army Knives, chocolate handbags, fabulous truffle chocolates and a mouth gushingly tasty box of Ye Olde toffees. (They also do a diabetic range.) With Friars you're getting a good, old fashioned quality product for a reasonable price.
Also, see their gluten free chutney and condiments, preserves,sweets,toffee and fudge.
Friars on facebook.

GPs - Another Rant

This article highlights the fact that GPs are routinely diagnosing IBS for all sorts of digestive complaints instead of investigating specific food intolerances. This is precisely why I had to diagnose myself with wheat intolerance and why I am only just discovering I have issues with lactose. GPs listen up!
"It is estimated that 20% of IBS cases may be lactose intolerance" - and how many more cases are actually wheat intolerance or coeliac disease or any other thing?

Mrs Crimbles Choc Orange Mini Macaroons

I woke up yesterday and thought, right, 'no more chocolate for breakfast - you can't use Christmas as an excuse any more!'
But I've always thought that chocolate is the best thing for breakfast. Many of my friends agree. I'm not much of a breakfast person and I can generally only face a 'proper' breakfast about 2 hours after I've woken up.
That said, some days I wake up starving so I end up grabbing something (chocolate). Yesterday a lovely sample package containing Mrs Crimbles Choc Orange Mini Macaroons arrived through my door and my no chocolate for breakfast resolution went out the window.
These mini macaroons are surprisingly moist, (I find coconut can be very dry) orangey, chocolatey and more-ish. I polished off 7 yesterday and my husband got stuck into them when he got home from work. (4.5g of fat per macaroon, ouch!)
They are perfect for breakfast and with a cup of tea (ideal biscuit substitute) and I reckon they'd be awesome for kids' lunch…

Gluten and Dairy Free Dessert - Need Help!

OK - I'm really struggling on this one. I am now officially cutting out dairy (apart from a bit of chocolate - come on, I need something to keep me sane!!) and I have a dinner party coming up. I am utterly stumped for ideas for desserts.It's keeping me awake nights. Help, please?

Juvela Gluten Free Pizza Bases

A while back, I was sent a sample box of GF products from Juvela.
The products were very long life so I stored them away for a rainy day, not getting my hopes up too much as I thought anything with a shelf life that long must be pretty....card-boardy.
Anyway, we got the pizza bases out last night so we could have a little treat on a rainy 'oh why isn't it the weekend yet' evening.
We topped them and cooked them in the oven for 15 minutes and the result was pretty awesome. The base was pretty easy to slice (I've found this to be a big problem with GF pizza bases) and the crust was so, er, crusty and yum. I also loved the fact that the bases are a perfect size for one (greedy) person.
Now after all that praise comes the negativity - I can't currently get Juvela pizza bases from the shops or from their website, they are only available on prescription. And since I'm not a Coeliac, I can't get GF food on prescription. I hope one day, that all of Juvela's product…

Gluten Free at Marks & Spencer!

Go M&S! :D
I blogged just before Christmas about Marks' gluten free chipolatas in bacon after I was tipped off by a reader who told me that all of their sausages are now gluten free by default.
I thought that was impressive enough (I am easily impressed.)
Now I see that they're selling GF sandwiches, fresh loaves, rolls and cakes!
They say "Gluten free loaves are often long life, which can affect the taste and texture. Ours aren’t, so they’re soft, light and delicious."
Can't wait to see if that's true!
Check out this page to see what M&S shops sell the GF sandwiches (link takes you to the Coeliac UK website.)
Many thanks to Gluten Free Foodies on facebook for alerting me to this!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011!
I had a blood test for coeliac disease at the doctors before Christmas - it came back negative! Woot! (I really had to nag for that!)
So that's good. On the negative side, it seems I'm intolerant to dairy....
When will the fun and games ever end?!
I asked the doc for a proper food allergy test and he refused, saying that self diagnosis was more accurate.... He also suggested I look up IBS on the internet as that might explain my symptoms....
I already had no faith in GPs, I now have negative faith in GPs.