Warburtons Gluten Free Range

How exciting!

Warburtons are launching a new gluten and wheat free range in mid-January.

The range will include;
400g white and brown loaves (RSP £2.49),
600g white and brown loaves (£2.89),
white and brown sub rolls (£1.99, three-pack),
teacakes (£2.19, four-pack) and
crumpets (£2.19, four-pack).

The range will be made at their £2.5m dedicated facility in Newburn.

Join their count down HERE.


  1. I've just discovered your blog as I was looking for UK gluten free blogs who cooked with foods available in the UK. There are some great American blogs, but they seem to have access to all sorts of different flours and products that I've never seen here in the UK. Good luck in the cupcake competition, I'll be having a go at your recipe for Christmas. I'm self diagnosed too; having worked out what was wrong with me there was no way I wanted to start eating gluten foods again so that i could have a test that told me what I already knew!

  2. Hi Amanda. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Hve just tried the new Warbutons Wheat & gluten free brown bread. Sorry but it is truly awful! Each slice fell apart as I was taking it out of the pack and it leaves a really bad after taste. I cannot believe this was tested for taste, either that or Warburtons believe that people with gluten or wheat intolerances don't deserve or have good taste.
    NOT a patch on Genius bread sorry but very true.

  4. Hi Lynn,
    I've heard that the range is disappointing. I don't think I'll buy any and try for myself. Though I'd be happy to try it if they send me a free sample!


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