Grounded - A Review

I've previously blogged about Grounded, a restaurant with 2 branches in Bristol.
The nearest one to me is in Redfield and me and my husband went there a couple of weeks back so I could try their gluten free pizza.
We dutifully ordered the gluten free pizza 24 hours in advance and booked a table.
When we got there, there was no greeting.
Then we went to stand near the till and hoped to attract the attention of a member of staff.
We were ignored.
We finally caught someone's eye and told them we had a reservation. The staff member replied "I think it's that table there" and pointed over to one corner. We walked with trepidation over the table we thought was ours.
After sitting for at least 5 minutes with no menus, I went to the till again and asked for menus. I was given a sloppy handful of about 10 menus. No specials were explained to us, nothing.
I sat down and we decided on a tapas platter to start.
A waitress came out and told us that one of the tapas items was off the menu as it was out of stock (annoyingly the one thing I was really looking forward to).
We waited at least 15 minutes for the platter to arrive with cutlery but no serviettes. Again I stood up and went to the till to get us some serviettes.
The platter was OK but due to there being one less item, 50% of the plate was made up of olives (which I hate.)
We sat and looked at our platter plate for a long time before it was taken away (a pet hate.)
Then the pizza came. It wasn't pre-sliced and I couldn't cut into it. I ended up tearing bits off and gnawing on them. I wish the texture was the worst part. The flavour was odd. A bit chemically. Almost like when you have a glass of water and the glass still has washing up liquid residue on it.
My husband was happy enough with his pizza.
The bill came to almost £50!
For some reason we tipped. We're obviously mad. I'll make up for this moment of over-generosity by not going there again.
For somewhere that brags about it's super duper management team, this was a very disappointing experience. The management really need to spend some time in their restaurants looking at the appalling customer service and actually tasting the food.



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