Gluten Free Christmas Pudding

It suddenly occurred to me the other day that even though I have lived a (mostly) gluten free life since 2002, I've never tried a gluten free Christmas pudding. I think it's because, even thought they've been available for a couple of years now, I never really liked them that much in the first place.
I think it's that full-on fruit rind flavour.
Shop bought Christmas pud was always available at Christmas when I was growing up as my mum doesn't do baking and so it was how my mum did a homely Christmas dessert in lieu of any home made mince pies or Christmas cake.
I just remember it as being very sweet and very strong and coupled with custard could leave you immobile for most of Christmas day.
The trouble I have with gluten free alternatives is that I can't *really* remember what the original tastes like. So I judge things by whether they taste yummy or not. And whether I would have it again. And one big question, as gluten free stuff can be quite expensive - was it worth the money?

Anyway, this week i was lucky enough to be given a Sainsbury's Free From Christmas Pudding.
I wanted to save it for Christmas but I'm a generous blogger and decided to try it now so that I could review it in plenty of time for Christmas :)

I paired it with Alpro's Dairy Free Custard (as I'm also on a dairy free diet now but I'm not ready to talk about that yet!)

Me and my husband had a rather large helping each and found the pudding to be tasty but not overwhelming or stodgy and the custard to be light and tasty.
I would definitely buy both again and I'm already looking forward to finishing the leftovers!
The pudding isn't swimming with booze so the fruit flavours shine through. The texture seemed just right, it kept it's shape when placed in a bowl but wasn't tough or chewy.
Also a 1/4 of a pudding is only 5.7g fat! My kind of dessert!

So all in all, a positive experience and one which is very likely to become a tradition in my house at Christmas!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! My sister is coeliac and coming to us for Christmas this year. I saw this on Sainsbury's website and wondered if it was any good! I know GF bakery goods can vary greatly in terms of 'consistancy' as well as taste, but I shall definitely be ordering one of these now - thank you! :)


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