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Gluten Free Sausages Wrapped in Bacon

Get thee to Marks and Spencer where you will find that their sausages wrapped in bacon are gluten free! (If they have any left.)
Or you could make you own using Black Framer Chipolatas and bacon. (Chipolatas are sold in some of the large supermarkets. I recently spotted them in my local Morrisons.)
Failing that, buy any gluten free sausage, half with scissors and wrap with bacon. They tend to explode when cooked but they're still delicious ;)

Gluten Free Wishes for 2011

I've got 5 main wishes for 2011 which I think will make my GF life so much better. Would love to know if you agree or have anything to add :)
1. More restaurants adding GF symbols to items on their menus. 2. Those restaurants making bloody well sure that the item on the menu really is GF. i.e is the soy sauce GF? What about the chips? 3. Prescription GF food for gluten intolerant people, not just coeliacs. 4. More varieties of pasta to buy in the supermarkets. i.e Tagliatelle. 5. Genius bread (now that it is so popular and in every supermarket) to come down in price!

Grounded - A Review

I've previously blogged about Grounded, a restaurant with 2 branches in Bristol.
The nearest one to me is in Redfield and me and my husband went there a couple of weeks back so I could try their gluten free pizza. We dutifully ordered the gluten free pizza 24 hours in advance and booked a table. When we got there, there was no greeting. Then we went to stand near the till and hoped to attract the attention of a member of staff. We were ignored. We finally caught someone's eye and told them we had a reservation. The staff member replied "I think it's that table there" and pointed over to one corner. We walked with trepidation over the table we thought was ours. After sitting for at least 5 minutes with no menus, I went to the till again and asked for menus. I was given a sloppy handful of about 10 menus. No specials were explained to us, nothing. I sat down and we decided on a tapas platter to start. A waitress came out and told us that one of the tapas items …

Gluten Free Christmas Pudding

It suddenly occurred to me the other day that even though I have lived a (mostly) gluten free life since 2002, I've never tried a gluten free Christmas pudding. I think it's because, even thought they've been available for a couple of years now, I never really liked them that much in the first place. I think it's that full-on fruit rind flavour. Shop bought Christmas pud was always available at Christmas when I was growing up as my mum doesn't do baking and so it was how my mum did a homely Christmas dessert in lieu of any home made mince pies or Christmas cake. I just remember it as being very sweet and very strong and coupled with custard could leave you immobile for most of Christmas day. The trouble I have with gluten free alternatives is that I can't *really* remember what the original tastes like. So I judge things by whether they taste yummy or not. And whether I would have it again. And one big question, as gluten free stuff can be quite expensive - was it …

Warburtons Gluten Free Range

How exciting!
Warburtons are launching a new gluten and wheat free range in mid-January.
The range will include; 400g white and brown loaves (RSP £2.49), 600g white and brown loaves (£2.89), white and brown sub rolls (£1.99, three-pack), teacakes (£2.19, four-pack) and crumpets (£2.19, four-pack).
The range will be made at their £2.5m dedicated facility in Newburn.
Join their count down HERE.

Dairy and Gluten Free Advent Calendar

You can buy Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Organic, Vegan, and Wheat Free advent calendars from good old Goodness Direct
They are made by Moo Free, who make a whole range of 'free from' chocolate products, including Easter Eggs!