Las Iguanas - Review

I went for a meal at Las Iguanas with a friend last week.

I ordered;

Tender slow-braised goat in coconut milk & tomatoes with chillies, carrot & cassava, served with coriander rice, farofa & sweet plantain.

Meaning ‘girlish charm’, a Brazilian-style homemade sweet baked coconut custard flan, served with a berry compote.

I was completely under-whelmed.

I couldn't have picked out any of the ingredients in the main dish in a line up. When I started writing this blog entry and checked the menu again I was actually shocked at the list of ingredients! Where were they?!!?
The rice was microwaved or boil in the bag and the meat was tough.

The dessert was a coconutty thing surrounded by jam.

My friend said her Paella was saturated in garlic.

I was even disappointed by our Long Island Ice Teas.

Booo :(


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