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Gluten Free Fish and Chips From A Chippy!

The lovely people at Fillets emailed me to tell me about their Gluten Free Sundays.On Sunday they dedicate one fryer to Gluten free batter. The manager Anthony serves the best Haddock and Cod along with anything else you want served in batter. On other weekdays the fryer is never used for battered items which means that the pan is never contaminated.
You can order takeaway or sit down in their 60 seater restaurant, now that's my idea of luxury!
They offered to cook me some so that I could try for myself, but they're in Mansfield nr Nottingham! Boo :(
Here's the address in case any of you reading this are nearby;
Fillets Unit A & B Fulmar Close (opposite Asda!) Forest Town Mansfield Nottinghamshire NG19 0GG
Tel: 01623 421 000
If you do go in, send me details!

Christmas Cupcakes!

I spend a very fun evening with my husband last night decorating cupcakes for the Tesco Christmas cupcake competition!
We didn't really go into it with a game plan, we just got everything cake related out of the cupboard and went mad.
This is a sample of what we produced! What you can't see is the bright green sponge cake. Not the most appetising thing in its raw state but it actually looks pretty cool when you bite into the cake.
The 'bloody' one is my husband's creation, he really got into it in the end and started to get a bit carried away! I thought he was going to start getting blow torches and liquid nitrogen out!
We are both going to send a pic of one of our creations into the competition. Today is the last day so hurry if you want to have a go!
*Edited to add the recipe I used for the cake;
(Makes about 12-15 cakes.)
75g softened butter 75g margarine ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 2 eggs 1 teaspoon baking powder 150g Dove's gluten free plain white flour ble…

Christmas Cupcake Design Competition

Fancy spending the day cooking at The Make Lounge with a friend and a celebrity chef? I know what you're thinking - 'so long as it ain't Ainsley Harriott.'
Well to be in with a chance to win this fab prize (and to win a cupcake kit as a runner up) try your hand at designing a Christmas inspired cupcake, take a piccie and post it on the Tesco website.
The deadline is Monday (29th November).
I'm going to be having a go on the weekend and I've got a couple of clever ideas up my sleeve :)
Just one problem, what am I to do with batch upon batch of gluten free cupcakes, smothered in icing and buttercream?!?

2010 Gluten Free Chef of the Year Announced

This year's winner is Michael McCamley, head chef at Venue Catering in Newry, Northern Ireland.
His dishes were;
Marinated Atlantic Sea Trout with Pear and Kohlrabi Remoulade With Beetroot And Watercress Vinaigrette
Braised Pheasant with Fondant Potatoes, Bacon, Herb Dumplings with Bramble, Herb Reduction
Glazed Date and Brandy Bread and Butter Pudding With Vanilla Bean Cream
Sounds great!
All the details and the recipes can be found on the Coeliac UK website.

Lovely Baps

A little while ago, I joined the Juvela Club as they promise free samples of their gluten free food and I thought their info pack might provide some insight into how I can persuade my doctor to prescribe me gluten free food.
Not long after a delivery arrived and I was stunned. It was extremely generous and the samples are actually full sized packs.
So far I've tried the tea biscuits and the fresh fibre rolls and they are surprisingly good. The rolls in particular are soft pillows of goodness. I toasted one today and had it with a bowl of soup and it was just divine.
Now the hard part is how I'm going to get any of this on prescription (as i'm not a full blown Coeliac and I'm self diagnosed)!

Gluten Free Pizza in Bristol - And They Deliver!

Grounded reviewed -

And just to make sure, I went back again and wrote another review -

For my definitive list of gluten free pizza in Bristol, go to -

Win A Gluten Free Hamper For Christmas!

All you need to do is send a gluten free recipe to the following email address:- - include your name and email address and that's it.
See for more details.

Smells Like Christmas!

It's definitely starting to smell like Christmas now and I'm getting very excited. This morning I thought about putting Christmas spices into everything I eat and drink from now on just to get my Christmas smell fix! I've a feeling mulled tea and cinnamon tuna sandwiches would get a bit tiresome after a while though.
Luckily the gluten free Christmas goodies are already in the shops. The all out winner so far has to be Tru Free's Gluten Free Mince Pies.
They are just perfect. The pastry is crumbly and light (makes for a non stodgy eating experience but they don't travel well.) The filling is tasty without having that overbearing tang that some mincemeat fillings have.
Obviously nothing beats making your own mince pies at Christmas but if you've already got way too much to do or you're going visiting, i'd recommend grabbing a box or 5 of these.

Gluten Free Panettone

I always feel bad about using my blog to vent negativity. To I shall try to counteract this with a joyful post about a happy discovery!
Sainsburys now stock Gluten Free Panettone!
Unfortunately, I can't review the taste or texture as I'm saving it for Christmas!
But you can read more about this great product here.

Las Iguanas - Review

I went for a meal at Las Iguanas with a friend last week.
I ordered;
ENSOPADO DE CARNE Tender slow-braised goat in coconut milk & tomatoes with chillies, carrot & cassava, served with coriander rice, farofa & sweet plantain.
QUINDIM DE YAYA Meaning ‘girlish charm’, a Brazilian-style homemade sweet baked coconut custard flan, served with a berry compote.
I was completely under-whelmed.
I couldn't have picked out any of the ingredients in the main dish in a line up. When I started writing this blog entry and checked the menu again I was actually shocked at the list of ingredients! Where were they?!!? The rice was microwaved or boil in the bag and the meat was tough.
The dessert was a coconutty thing surrounded by jam.
My friend said her Paella was saturated in garlic.

I was even disappointed by our Long Island Ice Teas.
Booo :(