Juvela Online Shop

Seen this on Facebook?

If you actually click on it, you get this page.

Confusing much?

I clicked on 'breakfast club' and was shown 4 types of cereal I could buy. Then I tried the search box. I just typed in bread to see what came up. Nothing.

Maybe I'm just being blonde but I found this very confusing and annoying.

In my frustration I emailed Juvela. They say -

"Hi Debra,
We only sell prescription free products online- currently only a range of cereals.
Our web address is www.juvela-shop.co.uk
Juvela Shop"

More confusion.
I see the word 'free' and 'prescription' in that sentence.
Yet you can proceed to checkout with those cereals in your basket...


By the way, their standard cereal is £2.99, with delivery - £5.68!

Sort it out Juvela!!!


  1. Hi Debra,
    I work for Juvela, we saw your blog post and thought we'd try and help clear up the confusion!...
    Juvela has historically been a prescription brand offering a range of gluten-free bread & rolls, pasta, pizza bases, sweet and savoury biscuits, crispbreads and gluten-free flour mixes for people diagnosed with coeliac disease. All of these products are only available on prescription, information about our prescription range of products is on our website www.juvela.co.uk
    In addition to the Prescription Range, we recently launched an Online Shop which is the website you've mentioned www.juvela-shop.co.uk - offering a range of cereals; Special Flakes, Flakes with Berries, Fibre Flakes and Pure Oats. We will be adding new products to the shop over the next few months and are really excited to be able to offer these new products.
    Due to the limitations placed on new product categories being approved for prescription status, we were unable to get the cereals and pure oats available on prescription, so we had to find a different way to offer them to our customers!
    The delivery charges are standard Royal Mail Parcel Service, the price you have quoted above is for a delivery of 5 boxes of cereal, one box would only be £2.69.
    The advert you clicked on from Facebook (pictured above) was one of the ways we are advertising the shop to the gluten-free community and this is why the advert links through to the shop.
    I hope this clears up any confusion, if you have any questions just let us know - 0800 783 1992 or online@juvela.co.uk

    Jenny from The Juvela Team


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