Graze - Home Delivered Healthy Snacks

A friend recommended Graze to me as a good source of fibre and a way to snack guilt free.
The Graze website is extremely easy to use and every time you receive a box of snacks you can go onto your page and tell them which snack pots you liked, thought average or never want to see again. As you can see each box contains 4 snack pots.
My only gripe is that you must make sure to eliminate the 'non coeliac' foods from your preferences straight off to make sure they are never included in your box.

Each box is about £3 including P&P so extremely good value. You can get them as often as you like. I get mine every Monday, and my hubby takes a couple to work to eat at his desk.

There's a lot to like about this company - environmentally friendly, great rewards for recommending friends, you can cancel orders if you are going to be away, the box fits perfectly into your letter box and you even get a little leaflet with each box telling you what's in it, what the calories are and what they are good for i.e 'packed with vitamin E'.

Definitely recommended.


  1. Thank you for this discovery, I just ordered my first box !!!

  2. No worries. Hope you like them! (I should be on commission! lol)


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