Gluten Free @ Las Iguanas

I was invited out for a meal at Las Iguanas tonight but unfortunately I can't go due to having to prepare for an important meeting tomorrow and with my train being at 6am! Boo :(

I thought I'd check out the menu anyway as I'm new to the area and it's good to have a mental list of good places to get GF food. I hoped that they'd maybe done a Bella Italia (see previous post).
And they have! Marvellous. Again, I don't think I've ever been to a Las Iguanas before so I don't know if the food is just the usual tex-mex microwaved cardboard but I was almost drooling reading through the menu.

The menu says that you can 'ask for GF' on many items such as;

Tender slow-braised goat in coconut milk & tomatoes with chillies, carrot & cassava,
served with coriander rice, farofa & sweet plantain.

Traditional & indulgent; a creamy coconut curry with peppers, garlic & sweetened with tomatoes,
made popular by Brazilian Chef Dada. Served with rice, sweet chunks of plantain, spicy salsa
& crunchy coconut farofa (toasted manioc flour) to sprinkle over.

A Brazilian classic; a spicy dish of king prawns & cassava cooked with tomatoes in coconut milk,
served with farofa (to sprinkle over), rice, sweet plantain & spicy salsa.

A coastal Bahian dish of sea bass fillet, mussels in their shell, wilted spinach & crayfish tails in a
light, fragrant saffron & coconut broth with little new potatoes, cannelloni beans & baby tomatoes.

I imagine 'ask for GF' basically means they don't give you the bread or tortillas that's supposed to come with it - but it's good to know that the recipe itself is gluten free! They have a few dishes that are just marked as 'GF' too.

I personally think their menu is over-priced, most main courses are £9-£12 and I've been to a lot nicer restaurants than this and paid a similar price. I will still give it a go though. If only for their yummy sounding desserts!


  1. Hi there,
    I've eaten at Las Iguanas, and like you, was impressed with the "ask for GF". The early bird menu offers better value, but limited GF choice. I had the chicken last time, but won't be having it again. Not as good as I'd hoped, not really my thing, but still tasty. One downside is the fries are not GF as they probably use some sort or seasoning with flour in it, but they look really good!


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