Gluten Free Food @ Bella Italia

Most branches of the Bella Italia chain now offer gluten free pizza and pasta!

I got this from the menu of my nearest branch;

"Dishes which have no gluten containing ingredients now available, please ask a team member about our pizza bases and pasta."

But if you are really sensitive to gluten, please be aware;

"All our dishes are prepared in kitchens where nuts, flour etc are commonly used, unfortunately we cannot guarantee our dishes will be free from traces of these products."

I don't think i've ever stepped foot in a Bella Italia before. But this is definitely worth a go. Other chain restaurants take note!!


  1. I had no idea the Bella Italia restaurant locations did gluten free pizza and pasta, my other half will be so pleased to hear. I love eating there, now we just need them to do a gluten free tart tatin...

  2. Hi,

    You have provided nice information about a restaurant offering gluten free pizza and pasta. It does not guarantees that these dishes will be free from traces of gluten products. Hope to post more information about this restaurant.


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