Dinner @ The Bank of Stokes Croft

I had a lovely night out on Friday in Bristol starting out with a meal and then a few pops on Cheltenham road.

I'd seen a few adverts in the local magazine etc for a new place called The Bank of Stokes Croft. They were offering handmade pizzas and 'bowls' for a fiver.

I emailed them about the menu first and they replied with this list of their gluten free items;
Goan Fish Curry with Herb Basmati Rice
Smoked Sausage Cassoulet (this is what I had) and
Butternut Squash, Sweetcorn & Red Onion Chowder.

I was told that this particular venue was known for being pretty rough in its fomer incarnation so if you live in Bristol, don't let the bad rep put you off.

We found the food to be a sort of pleasant, home cooking type affair (though pretty garlicy). But what do you want for a fiver? Drinks were also reasonable and the smoking area was tidy too.
They had a couple of DJs playing after 10 but we were gone by then. I would like to go back and see how that works! And I will be having the curry.

(Perhaps I should change the name of this blog to 'Bristol Gluten Free' now?)


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