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Juvela Online Shop

Seen this on Facebook?

If you actually click on it, you get this page.

Confusing much?

I clicked on 'breakfast club' and was shown 4 types of cereal I could buy. Then I tried the search box. I just typed in bread to see what came up. Nothing.

Maybe I'm just being blonde but I found this very confusing and annoying.

In my frustration I emailed Juvela. They say -

"Hi Debra,
We only sell prescription free products online- currently only a range of cereals.
Our web address is
Juvela Shop"

More confusion.
I see the word 'free' and 'prescription' in that sentence.
Yet you can proceed to checkout with those cereals in your basket...


By the way, their standard cereal is £2.99, with delivery - £5.68!

Sort it out Juvela!!!

Fewer carbs = Longer life?

Some great news for those of us on a gluten free diet!
"Professor Cynthia Kenyon, whom many experts believe should win the Nobel Prize for her research into ageing, has discovered that the carbohydrates we eat — from bananas and potatoes to bread, pasta, biscuits and cakes — directly affect two key genes that govern youthfulness and longevity."
""Carbs make your body produce more insulin (to mop up the extra blood sugar carbs produce); and more insulin means a more active Grim Reaper" (a gene which when switched on, shortens the life span.)
Feeling smug?!
Read more:

Graze - Home Delivered Healthy Snacks

A friend recommended Graze to me as a good source of fibre and a way to snack guilt free. The Graze website is extremely easy to use and every time you receive a box of snacks you can go onto your page and tell them which snack pots you liked, thought average or never want to see again. As you can see each box contains 4 snack pots. My only gripe is that you must make sure to eliminate the 'non coeliac' foods from your preferences straight off to make sure they are never included in your box.
Each box is about £3 including P&P so extremely good value. You can get them as often as you like. I get mine every Monday, and my hubby takes a couple to work to eat at his desk.
There's a lot to like about this company - environmentally friendly, great rewards for recommending friends, you can cancel orders if you are going to be away, the box fits perfectly into your letter box and you even get a little leaflet with each box telling you what's in it, what the calories are and w…

Gluten Free @ Las Iguanas

I was invited out for a meal at Las Iguanas tonight but unfortunately I can't go due to having to prepare for an important meeting tomorrow and with my train being at 6am! Boo :(
I thought I'd check out the menu anyway as I'm new to the area and it's good to have a mental list of good places to get GF food. I hoped that they'd maybe done a Bella Italia (see previous post). And they have! Marvellous. Again, I don't think I've ever been to a Las Iguanas before so I don't know if the food is just the usual tex-mex microwaved cardboard but I was almost drooling reading through the menu.
The menu says that you can 'ask for GF' on many items such as;
ENSOPADO DE CARNE Tender slow-braised goat in coconut milk & tomatoes with chillies, carrot & cassava, served with coriander rice, farofa & sweet plantain.
MOQUECA Traditional & indulgent; a creamy coconut curry with peppers, garlic & sweetened with tomatoes, made popular by Brazilian Chef Dada…

Gluten Free Food @ Bella Italia

Most branches of the Bella Italia chain now offer gluten free pizza and pasta!I got this from the menu of my nearest branch;"Dishes which have no gluten containing ingredients now available, please ask a team member about our pizza bases and pasta."But if you are really sensitive to gluten, please be aware;"All our dishes are prepared in kitchens where nuts, flour etc are commonly used, unfortunately we cannot guarantee our dishes will be free from traces of these products."I don't think i've ever stepped foot in a Bella Italia before. But this is definitely worth a go. Other chain restaurants take note!!

Dinner @ The Bank of Stokes Croft

I had a lovely night out on Friday in Bristol starting out with a meal and then a few pops on Cheltenham road.
I'd seen a few adverts in the local magazine etc for a new place called The Bank of Stokes Croft. They were offering handmade pizzas and 'bowls' for a fiver.
I emailed them about the menu first and they replied with this list of their gluten free items; Goan Fish Curry with Herb Basmati Rice Smoked Sausage Cassoulet (this is what I had) and Butternut Squash, Sweetcorn & Red Onion Chowder.
I was told that this particular venue was known for being pretty rough in its fomer incarnation so if you live in Bristol, don't let the bad rep put you off.
We found the food to be a sort of pleasant, home cooking type affair (though pretty garlicy). But what do you want for a fiver? Drinks were also reasonable and the smoking area was tidy too. They had a couple of DJs playing after 10 but we were gone by then. I would like to go back and see how that works! And I will be havin…