Mrs Crimble's Gluten Free Stuffing Mix

As I mentioned in a previous post, I ordered various bits and bobs from Asda's gluten free section online. Mrs Crimble's Stuffing Mix was one of the things I ordered as it wasn't too expensive and'm lazy. (And mostly hungover when trying to tackle a Sunday roast.)

Lemme tell you - it's OK. Not lush. Just OK. I kinda just wanted it to be a bit tastier I guess.

I had a go at making my own sage and onion stuffing not too long ago. I used gluten free bread slices, a small onion and sage from the garden. The taste was great. For just 3 ingredients and a little seasoning it was top notch. However the texture was all wrong. It flattened itself out and welded itself to my oven dish.

My plan is to work on this recipe a little, maybe add a little egg or something. Of course one way to solve the texture problem is just to actually stuff it. But, you know, I prefer balls. (Just you wait for the crumpet post - innuendo ahoy!)


  1. Hi, good to know what you think about the stuffing mix. I've been trying to work out a definitive recipe for GF sage and onion stuffing myself. I never seem to get the proportions right to give enough flavour. I'll keep on trying though, at least I know that the mix isn't really worth trying. If you figure out how to make homemade work, do share!

  2. Hi Fran.
    I will definitely do that! :)

  3. The secret of good sage and onion stuffing is to have plenty of onion. Always add cooked onion to bought s&o mixes and they will taste good.


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