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The best snack ever

You know those evenings were no-one can be arsed to cook so the options are a) takeaway or b) snacks created from whatever you've got in the house?
The other night was a b night. Luckily for me I had the new Young's free from fish fingers in the freezer and a pack of Dietary Specials Brown Ciabatta rolls in the cupboard.
I sliced the rolls in half and grilled them on both sides. Then I spread on butter and ketchup and put the cooked fishfingers on top.
Wow. Yum. I could quite happily eat that for dinner everyday. A real treat.

Great Gluten Free Indian at the Thali Cafe

The Thali Cafe has 4 branches within Bristol.Me and my husband visited the Easton branch a couple of weeks ago and we both had a lovely time. It's just really simple yet delicious food - as it says on their website - "Thalis are affordable, healthy and delicious." You get a platter of little dishes, a dahl, a vegetable side, a dip, a salad and a main meat or fish dish. Vegetarians and Vegans also have lots to choose from. On average their Thalis cost £6.95 so you can splash out on dessert. We were paying up when I spotted a selection of cakes in their chiller. 3 of which were labelled gluten free! Definitely check them out if you're in the area.

Gluten Free in Hay-on-Wye

I had a little holiday last week in and around the Cornwall and Herefordshire areas.I guess all those 'go on holiday to England, it's great' adverts have had an effect on me! While me and my husband were staying at my mother in law's place in Ross-on-Wye, we decided to have a day trip up to Hay-on-Wye. The signs tell you that it's the 'Town of Books' but I prefer to call it 'Where Books Go To Die'. The whole day I had a massive craving for ice-cream and around lunchtime I dragged my hubby into the nearest shop advertising ice-cream. I ordered a ickle tub of ice-cream (no cone, as you do) and I was just about to sit down when I noticed a Gluten Free Orange and Almond cake on display. So I ordered a slice and a pot of tea and sat down. Best lunch ever! However it was only when I sat down that I saw the poster saying they offered gluten free cones. Bugger! But one hell of an excuse to go back another time. The ice-cream btw was sheep's milk ice-cream. T…

Cake Choking Hazard

Do not buy the cake mix from Morrisons! I nearly died the other night!It's so powdery I literally inhaled the first bite of my hubby's birthday cake and spent the next 10 minutes fighting for breath. I can sum up the texture in one word - DUST. Shame as it looked so lovely (with ready made choccy icing, white chocolate stars, caramel swirls and candles on it!)
Not good Morrisons :(

Mrs Crimble's Gluten Free Stuffing Mix

As I mentioned in a previous post, I ordered various bits and bobs from Asda's gluten free section online. Mrs Crimble's Stuffing Mix was one of the things I ordered as it wasn't too expensive and'm lazy. (And mostly hungover when trying to tackle a Sunday roast.)
Lemme tell you - it's OK. Not lush. Just OK. I kinda just wanted it to be a bit tastier I guess.
I had a go at making my own sage and onion stuffing not too long ago. I used gluten free bread slices, a small onion and sage from the garden. The taste was great. For just 3 ingredients and a little seasoning it was top notch. However the texture was all wrong. It flattened itself out and welded itself to my oven dish.
My plan is to work on this recipe a little, maybe add a little egg or something. Of course one way to solve the texture problem is just to actually stuff it. But, you know, I prefer balls. (Just you wait for the crumpet post - innuendo ahoy!)