My Supermarket Fail

Well I got my shopping from Asda via

When it came the first thing I did was eat an egg custard tart.

Later on, when my husband got home, I excitedly showed him the packet with the remaining tart.

He turned to me and simply said "these aren't gluten free".
I looked and he was right.

I checked the Asda website gluten free page and they weren't there.

I checked the My Supermarket gluten free page and there they were.

Turns out they slipped through the net because they're made from "free range" eggs.

I was just so annoyed and dreading the next 2 weeks of digestive hell. I emailed My Supermarket and told them what happened.

The person who emailed me back said that I should have read the packaging - to which I replied "Yes, I made a mistake by not checking the label, but you must understand that I wouldn't have bothered going to a website with a designated 'gluten free' page on it only to sit and read my way through the ingredients of every item on the page. If you intend to rely on the customer to check labels and ingredients then don't bother having a 'gluten free' etc page" among other stern warnings about possibly putting people in hospital.
I also asked them to make sure their staff are familiar with food allergies and to check out the Coeliac UK website and others such as Diabetes associations.

This goes back to an argument I've made before - if you work in the food business, you must learn these things.

Also a website such as this could really bank from people like me. If all gluten free bloggers for example said that this site had an excellent gluten free page then they could find that the majority of their customers have a gluten allergy.

My complaint has now reached a company director who has assured me "will do everything we can to ensure that this never happens again".

I've said it before and I'll say it again (but should remember to listen to my own advice) "never stop checking the labels."


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