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The other day I decided I was going to order some groceries online as I'm working from home these days and I can actually be home when the delivery comes.

Google pointed me towards

I found the site quite tricky to use and was about to give up when I found you could search goods by 'Ideas and Lifestyle'. Once you get to this page you can refine your search by Organic, Vegetarian, Free Trade etc and Gluten Free!

This is the gluten free shopping list for Asda. As you can see, pretty impressive and I can see a lot there I don't usually see in the shops.

I made a huge list; crumpets, fish fingers, sausages, stuffing, DS pies and the like.
Then I was asked to "send trolley to Asda" and set up an account on the Asda website and became all confused.
I think I'll have another crack at it this afternoon. I hate to make a blog that goes "this might be good but I couldn't really be arsed to try it out properly".

Ok tried it again. Basically I had to go onto the Asda website and put in my order. Apparently the point of the website is so that you can see which supermarket will offer you the cheapest goods. And there's me thinking you could combine shopping from different places - Asda's frozen GF stuff with Tesco's Pasta and Sainsbury's cakes etc. Now that would be good!

So, we shall see what arrives. You can select at checkout if you are willing to accept a substitute if your item is out of stock and for the GF stuff I said no. Obviously if they didn't have the sausages for example, 'normal' sausages wouldn't be much good!

My delivery is on Friday, actually quite excited now and I'll blog the outcome.


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