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Making Bread

I'm just about to pick up my first ever bread maker (from Freecycle. Can you believe it? Man I love Freecycle.) Excited!!
One problem - I have no gluten free bread recipes. Can anyone help?

My Supermarket Fail

Well I got my shopping from Asda via
When it came the first thing I did was eat an egg custard tart.
Later on, when my husband got home, I excitedly showed him the packet with the remaining tart.
He turned to me and simply said "these aren't gluten free". I looked and he was right.
I checked the Asda website gluten free page and they weren't there.
I checked the My Supermarket gluten free page and there they were.
Turns out they slipped through the net because they're made from "free range" eggs.
I was just so annoyed and dreading the next 2 weeks of digestive hell. I emailed My Supermarket and told them what happened.
The person who emailed me back said that I should have read the packaging - to which I replied "Yes, I made a mistake by not checking the label, but you must understand that I wouldn't have bothered going to a website with a designated 'gluten free' page on it only to sit and read my way through the ingredien…

Gluten Free Shopping Online

The other day I decided I was going to order some groceries online as I'm working from home these days and I can actually be home when the delivery comes.
Google pointed me towards
I found the site quite tricky to use and was about to give up when I found you could search goods by 'Ideas and Lifestyle'. Once you get to this page you can refine your search by Organic, Vegetarian, Free Trade etc and Gluten Free!
This is the gluten free shopping list for Asda. As you can see, pretty impressive and I can see a lot there I don't usually see in the shops.
I made a huge list; crumpets, fish fingers, sausages, stuffing, DS pies and the like. Then I was asked to "send trolley to Asda" and set up an account on the Asda website and became all confused. I think I'll have another crack at it this afternoon. I hate to make a blog that goes "this might be good but I couldn't really be arsed to try it out properly".
Ok tried it again. Basi…