Wheat Free Cereal

 Tesco Crunchy Oat Cereal With Tropical Fruit Food

I bought a box of gluten free muesli a couple of weeks ago and now I can't afford a holiday this year and it wasn't even that nice.

I think I drive my husband crazy every time we go to Tesco and I insist on looking through all the cereals just in case one of the new 'normal' cereals doesn't contain gluten.
I think it's the look of disappointment he can't handle, sort of like Puss in Boots from Shrek but with a grumbling tummy.

But last night I struck it lucky (sort of) with Tesco's 'Crunch Oats with Tropical Fruit'.
The allergy advice box on the back of the packet says 'contains gluten'. Oats are very low in gluten and I seem to be able to digest them. So...yay fibre!


  1. Sainsburys do a really lovely granola that just has oats in (as a gluten contributor, obv it has other ingredients!), it's yum, especially with honey yogurt!

    p.s glad you're blogging again, welcome back!

  2. Hey Camilla!
    Thanks for the tip. I'll try that out for sure :)
    Thanks also for welcoming me back!

  3. Porridge! I eat it nearly every morning and if I don't have the two minutes it takes to cook it, I sprinkle the oats on some fruit or in yoghurt. But I seem better able to digest them cooked.

    That's unless you have bad childhood memories of porridge...


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