RECIPE Home Made Vietnamese Spring Rolls

So easy. So yummy. Whether you are on a gluten free diet or not you should try making these at least once!

Fillings can be anything, we used a Phad Thai mix the first time but you can also use coriander, chicken, prawns, lemon grass, ginger, pak choi, mushrooms, spring onion, beansprouts, fresh chili, or all of the above!

You'll need a packet of Vietnamese rice paper sheets. I found some at the Oriental food shop near to Earl's Court station, London and I've also seen them in Wai Yee Hong in Bristol.

You dip the sheets into hot water to soften, lay them out, spoon in filling, roll up and eat. Or you can then deep fry them to get a crispy texture. Both are good, deceptively filling and impressive in a 'come see what I did, what a smug person I am' kind of way :)


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