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Wheat Free Cereal

I bought a box of gluten free muesli a couple of weeks ago and now I can't afford a holiday this year and it wasn't even that nice.
I think I drive my husband crazy every time we go to Tesco and I insist on looking through all the cereals just in case one of the new 'normal' cereals doesn't contain gluten. I think it's the look of disappointment he can't handle, sort of like Puss in Boots from Shrek but with a grumbling tummy.
But last night I struck it lucky (sort of) with Tesco's 'Crunch Oats with Tropical Fruit'. The allergy advice box on the back of the packet says 'contains gluten'. Oats are very low in gluten and I seem to be able to digest them. So...yay fibre!

RECIPE Home Made Vietnamese Spring Rolls

So easy. So yummy. Whether you are on a gluten free diet or not you should try making these at least once!
Fillings can be anything, we used a Phad Thai mix the first time but you can also use coriander, chicken, prawns, lemon grass, ginger, pakchoi, mushrooms, spring onion, beansprouts, fresh chili, or all of the above!
You'll need a packet of Vietnamese rice paper sheets. I found some at the Oriental food shop near to Earl's Court station, London and I've also seen them in WaiYeeHong in Bristol.
You dip the sheets into hot water to soften, lay them out, spoon in filling, roll up and eat. Or you can then deep fry them to get a crispy texture. Both are good, deceptively filling and impressive in a 'come see what I did, what a smug person I am' kind of way :)

Gluten Free Pasties

You can't really go wrong with Dietary Specials food. In my opinion they are the best brand for gluten free products. A little while ago I posted about 'My New Crush' - all about my love affair with their gluten free sausage rolls! A couple of days ago I tried their Cornish Slices for the first time. Oh baby. Like the sausage rolls, the pastry is buttery, flaky and very naughty. One is not really enough for a greedy pig like me, so I ate both. Maybe not the best idea as they are fabulously rich but it has been around 7/8 years since my last pastie! The filling is soft and tasty and has that peppery taste that all good pasties should have. I'd love to see more varieties, maybe chicken and mushroom. I ate these just out of the oven, so next time I'll try them cooled down, maybe take some to a picnic and see how they are cold. I spotted them in the freezer section (in with the vegetarian food!) in Sainsbury's but you can also get them in Asda.
Web link to the DS website…

New Genius sarnies at Starbucks

From the Genius website -
"After the success of its new gluten-free sandwich made with Genius bread, Starbucks has come up with a delicious new filling, Cheese & Coleslaw, to make a change from Tuna Mayo."
Great news! And excellent for GF vegetarians!