Oriental Supermarkets - The Wheat Free Girl's Best Friend!

One thing I love about London is that a lunch time wander sometimes ends up in an exciting discovery!

Last week, I was out an about and discovered a great little oriental food shop selling all kinds of mysterious ingredients and the most different kinds of noodles I've ever seen in one place! -

Tindahang Pinoy and Oriental Foods Ltd
1 Kenway Road, Earl's Court, London SW5 0RP
020 7244 9083

I picked up some wheat free instant noodles (35p) and a packet of Vietnamese rice papers (£1.70).
I normally get my wheat free instant noodles in Camden at the Taste of Siam Supermarket. However I'm rarely in Camden so it was great to find somewhere close to work.

As for the rice paper, I had been dying to try making my own Vietnamese spring rolls. Me and my husband had a go on the weekend and it was very messy but a lovely way to spend a Saturday night. I'll do another blog about that on another day!


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