Look What We Found!

Yesterday I blogged about the Crossed Grain symbol.
One of the few places you'll find it used is here.

Look What We Found! make dishes, sauces and soups out of seasonal, fresh ingredients then vaccuum pack them so they can be sent via mail to your home. Many of their foods are naturally gluten free but you'll find their range of certified gluten free foods on their website.

Products include;
Gluten Free curry sauce, beef chili con carne, bolognese, beef and basil meatballs in tomato sauce, Cumbrian lamb hotpot, Moroccan spiced chickpea tagine and lots more. They also do taster packs so you can try a range of their most popular products.

I sent an email to the people at LWWF to check they didn't mind about me blogging about them. I got a very lovely reply giving me and you the readers the permission to use a special discount code to receive a 10% discount on all items purchased on the site.
The code is 'ukgluten'.

Don't forget to tell me what you got and what you thought of it!


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