Gluten Free Sausages

I noticed the other day that the guys at Look What We Found! recommend using Musk's sausages for their recipes.
I hadn't heard of them before so quickly did a Google search and found their website.

A little bit about their gluten free sausages;

"Our famous secret recipe with a twist! We have removed the bread and substituted rice which, together with our best British pork shoulder meat, make this award winning sausage. Ideal for those with a gluten intolerance; they retain the succulence and flavour of our original sausage.

All our varieties have received recognition from the Guild of Fine Food Retailers by being awarded their Gold Award.

Ingredients: Pork (75%), Rice, Water, Spices, Salt, Natural Casings. Preservative: Sodium Sulphite. Allergy advice: Contains Sulphur Dioxide."

They can be purchased at Eric Tennant butchers in the Rookery, Newmarket or you can contact them via for details on your local stockists.


  1. I have tried these sausages and they are amazing - some of the best gluten free ones around!

    Other good ones are the Sainsburys Pork and Herb (not marketed as gf, but they are!) and M&S Pork and Apple or just normal pork (again not marked as gf). I have carried out extensive research in this field!!

  2. Musks are great sausages, and Waitrose have been selling them for a while. I tend to prefer Debbie and Andrews though, sold in Tescos. Just watch out that their normal sausages look almost identical apart from a box at the top to say wheat and gluten free.

  3. Wow, thanks for the recommendations guys :)

  4. For the best in Gluten Free sausages try Crombies Of Edinburgh, they are fantastic and they have a wide range

  5. Debbie and Andrews are good but my real favs for gluten free sausages are Peelham Farm!
    Little organic sustainable farm in the Borders. They have a range of Gluten free sausages all totally organic and all made with their own spice mixes. Apparently they have been off in Italy learning all kinds of yummy secrets.

    They only farm rare breed pigs too :-)

  6. All these gluten free sausages contain additives preservatives, artificial colours. etc sell GLUTON FREE with 100% free range. rare breed pork shoulder, No additives, No artificial colours or preservatives! Dont give up on taste folks or quality.

  7. # Head Chef and buyer

    What are you talking about? I've been buying Musks for years and they have never had artifical colours etc in them! Yes they have salt them, but all meat does to increase the shelf life otherwise it would off in a few days! I was talking to them at a show the other week and they dont put anything in them other than Pork shoulder, bread (or rice if Gluten free) and their secret blend of spices! Dont mislead people to promote your own business!

  8. To Anonymous
    I was not trying to mislead anyone.
    Fact- the sausages you are refering to contain.
    Sodium sulphite and Sulphur dioxide (the main cause of acid rain!)
    by their OWN admission.
    Please scroll to the top of the page for this.
    In addition ALL meat does NOT contain salt to extend shelf life.
    Get your facts right.
    The advice is to ASK questions before you buy.


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