Gluten Free Sandwiches at Starbucks

Well they've always said that they'll start stocking Gluten Free sandwiches when a suitable bread came onto the market and they've come through on their promise.

Starbucks "NEW! Wheat and Gluten Free Tuna Sandwich
Pole and line-caught Skipjack tuna with roasted tomatoes and basil mayo, topped with rocket leaves served on Genius gluten free™ bread."

I just walked about a mile to my nearest Starbucks on my lunchbreak. Couldn't see them, asked the lady behind the counter, explained in lots more detail what I meant while being met with a dumb expression, then finally when the penny dropped was told "oh, the tuna ones? Oh, we only get one or 2 of those and they go in the morning."


Hope they remain a success and I get a chance to buy some. It'll be a real treat to be able to buy sandwiches when I'm out and about. I might even stop carrying around emergency food rations wherever I go!


  1. I hope they have more than one or two in the future

  2. Now the proper response to that is "Great so I assume you will getting them in larger amounts soon then? As obviously the demand is there if you run out so early in the day!" some times the obvious needs pointing out :)

  3. Esther - the girl was pretty dim and could hardly speak English! I was very frustrated to say the least!


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