Eat - Wheat Free Sandwiches

I heard a little rumour that you could buy wheat free sarnies at the 'Eat' chain. After my Starbucks disappointment yesterday I thought I'd pop into the Eat that's on my way into work (near to Charing Cross station) and have a look.
Success! They had a little section of the fridge called 'Wheat Free Sandwich of the Week'and in it were some very enticing looking egg mayo and cress sarnies :) At £2.65 they're not cheap but not as bad as I was expecting either.
A glance at their website tells me they have a range of wheat free sandwiches of the week, including;

Chicken, Basil Pesto and Pine Nuts
Lemon Chicken and Black Pepper
Mediterranean Tuna
New York
Prawn Cocktail
Smoked Ham and Mature Cheddar
Coriander and Lemon Houmous
Free Range Egg Mayo and Cress

My sarnie contained;

Wheat free seeded rye bread, free range egg mayonnaise (37%) and mustard cress (6%) and very lovely it was too.

A list of their branches can be found here
(Mainly in London but they've got a few in other parts of the country too.)


  1. But sadly not gluten-free :(

  2. I'm afraid not - thank goodness for Starbucks (NEVER thought i'd say that!)
    Love you blog btw :)

  3. Thanks! Similarly can't believe I'd be happy to see a Starbucks!

  4. Hello! Do you know if this bread is definitely dairy free? You had no adverse reaction to it? : )

  5. Hi Verity - my blog is not entirely dairy free as I only avoid milk and not all dairy products and this only came about quite recently. When I wrote this 2 years ago, I was only avoiding wheat.


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