Great Gluten Free Burgers in London

Haché – The Burger Connoisseurs

Thank goodness for my fellow gluten free bloggers. After a couple of bad experiences eating out lately I was at a real loss as to where to go for dinner with an old friend on Friday night.

Then I saw a great review for Haché. They’ve got a branch in Fulham and Camden. We decided on the Camden one as there were more options for post meal drinks in the area.

Haché is great for 2 main reasons – the menu states that any burger can be ordered without bread and with salad instead and also all the burgers are 100% meat.

Reason number 1 swung it for me – I was overly excited at the idea of asking for a burger without a bun and not being looked at as though I had asked for a side of chicken feet.

We were joined by my husband and between us we had 3 burgers (I had the Steak Canadian - Sweet Cure Bacon and Mature Cheddar Cheese), 3 servings of frittes, sour cream sauce, a bottle of white wine and a halloumi ‘sleeves’ starter. The burgers were cooked to order, were succulent and tasty, the salad was a pretty average salad, the frittes were pretty big and we probably should have ordered one between us and the service was smiley, polite and pretty fast (for a Friday night.)

One waitress even brought me a pack of plasters as I’d fallen over on the way there and had a cut on my leg!

It all came to less than £65 sans tip. Pretty reasonable. I would definitely go back again and try all the different varieties – next time I might even brave the Steak Louisiana (Topped with American Crunchy Peanut Butter and Mature Cheddar Cheese!!)


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