Barrafina restaurant, Soho, London

You know when you find one of those places to eat that is just so great, yet easy to get to and, well, small that you're tempted not to recommend it to anyone?
Well Barrafina in Soho is one of those places.
It's perfect for those who like lots of small dishes, fresh, strong flavours and for anyone avoiding wheat or gluten.

I must have passed it a hundred times. The decor is subtle, as is the sign on the door. It's tiny. You eat at the bar and you have to wait a fair while to get a seat. But it's worth it for the fabulous tapas dishes. Each one is like a taste explosion. Just a few ingredients and pow! They really know what they're doing. The intimate setting at the bar was surprisingly enjoyable too. It was good to see the food being cooked and prepared, I found it added to the excitement.
The specials change all the time and are explained to you as you sit down.
The service was brilliant, the staff were friendly and efficient. Tap water is provided and topped up constantly and plates and cutlery etc are replaced almost constantly.

Here's what we ordered (we shared all dishes but the bread!);

Bread with olive oil £2
Cold Meat Platter £11.50
Baby gem salad with anchovies and smoked pancetta £6.50
Lamb sweetbreads £10.50
Razor clams £6.20

The bill came to about £61.20 for the two of us (with white wine and 12.5% service charge).


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