Wheat Free Sandwiches in London

Yes, tis true!

I've been to this particular bread and sandwich shop a few times and had some bloody lovely rye bread sarnies. Thing is, I didn't know the name of it to be able to post about it.
Thanks to the power of Google street view, I now finally know it's name!
It's called De Gustibus and it's next to Borough Market, near London Bridge station.
I look at their website revealed that they have branches in St. Paul's and Marylebone too.

What's so great about De Gustibus is that you can choose your own bread and fillings. They've got all different kinds of meat, cheese and salad and some more unusual things like pickles and sundried tomatoes. My particular fave combination is bacon, tomato, mayo and cheddar.

Ask for the 'Complete Rye' bread - described as "100% rye flour makes this bread wheat free, yet it is surprisingly light in texture but unsurprisingly magnificent in taste."

Agreed - one of the best I've tried. Blimey, now I'm starving!


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