I got Glutened :(

I’ve not been well at all these last few days. I got glutened :(

I guess that makes me ‘glutarded’ http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=glutard

I thought I’d treat myself to a snack size gluten free pizza from Hell pizza during lunch at the end of last week https://www.hellpizza.co.uk/

I walked in and said to the server – “Do you have the gluten free pizza bases in?” and he said yes, they did. I ordered and said “I’ll have the snack size Mischief on a gluten free base please” and the server took my order. Apparently he then forgot to ‘tick the box’ on the computer to send the gluten free order into the kitchen.

When I was eating my pizza I kept thinking that the base seemed different to last time but as I’d only had one once and I’d asked twice for a gluten free base, I put those thoughts out of my head.

As soon as I got back to the office I was feeling ill. Ever since I’ve had stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhea and a horrible feeling of fullness even when I haven’t eaten for ages. I’ll have 2 weeks of this now.

Of course, I emailed and complained and got a reply from the branch the same day. The manager apologized and offered me a free pizza. She said that she thought her staff must be unaware of how gluten can affect some people. I emailed her the link to the Coeliac UK website and also explained my symptoms as someone with wheat intolerance. She said she’d train up her staff straight away.

Thing is, you’d have thought that a company like Hell, who sell gluten free pizzas would train their staff as a matter of routine in exactly why it is that they sell the things in the first place.

I’m more than cross at what happened. I almost didn’t post about it but it’s not like they sponsor my blog or anything. I’ll go back to Hell to eat again as their pizzas are awesome - but I’ll be making damn sure they tick that box!!


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