Gluten Free Naan - HELP

BBC1 is showing re-runs of the Hairy Bakers, I always enjoy David Myer's and Simon's King's programmes. It's a guilty pleasure.
The last one I watched was the one where they cook a curry and naan breads outside.
I printed off their recipe for Allo Gobi ages ago, the first time I watched it. Last night I decided to give the naans a go too.

The recipes are here;

The Aloo Gobi (potato and Cauliflower curry) was delish but the naans where a bit hard. I copied the recipe but used Dove's Farm Bread Flour instead of regular bread flour.

They looked great but were pretty tough and lacked puffiness. I had a look online for some advice on making gluten free naans but couldn't find a lot. One recipe suggested adding Xanthan Gum but I'm not sure if this would add puffiness. I thought it just helped bind things together.
Another recipe suggested using about 4 different kinds of flour - 3 of which I've never seen before :(

I would love to hear from anyone who can help. I eat rice almost every day and it would be great to enjoy a curry without it!


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