Win A Free Meal!

The people at have let me know about some competitions for January. This website is destined to become a popular database of cafes and restaurants that cater to those of us with special dietary requirements. If you get a minute, please go and leave some reviews and you may win a prize!

January Competitions...

To encourage people to get involved, we're running a couple of competitions in January. We are offering you the chance to win a free meal at the restaurant of your choice when you rate and review online, or get in touch with a new restaurant listing.* Everyone who gets involved in January will be entered into the competition! All you need to do is register here and get reviewing, or simply email us with information about a place you know.

However, I imagine you've got more than a couple of reviews up your sleeve, so we are offering the same prize to January's Reviewer of the Month.* The prize for January's Reviewer of the Month will go to the person who either writes the most reviews for us, or tells us the most new places to list. Of course you can increase your chances of winning, and help us out even more, by reviewing restaurants online and giving us new places to list!


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