Muffin Break - Update

I just had a reply to my email from Muffin Break.

I wrote;

"Hi, I'm a huge fan and regular customer of one of your Muffin Break branches. I suffer from wheat intolerance so I really appreciate that you sell gluten free muffins, which are amazing. I wondered if you had any plans to extend your gluten free range to your other food items, such as pies and quiches?"

The reply;

"Thanks for your feedback – it is always great to here positive things about our range. We are currently looking at testing some more GF sweet range products and some GF savoury products, including Gourmet Savoury Muffins, which we sell in our Australian stores. We will keep you posted with our results."

Great news! Mmmm savoury muffins :)


  1. oh at this rate I'll have to make a trip out of town just for cake and tea! Typically they are in various towns and cities round Coventry but in in Coventry itself!

  2. Yes I'm lucky now as i'm in London but i'm moving soon and i'll be stuck without treats! The only answer is to bug coffee shops and cafes until they give in and stock GF products!


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