Gluten Free Products in Coffee Shops

Starbucks are the winners as far as I’m concerned.

If you’re interested, they have a Pdf of Gluten and Wheat Free products on their website.

Link -

Wheat Free goods include – Chocolate Cornflake Square, Fairtrade Belgian Chocolate Cake, Granola Bar, all the Porridge, the yoghurt, the humous and Tuna 3 Bean and Potato and Egg Salad.

Not a bad little selection but plenty of room for improvement!

In comparison, Caffe Nero sell just one wheat free product, the ‘Organic Gluten Free Double Chocolate Brownie’ and Costa also sell only a ‘Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie’.

Come on coffee shops, step it up! Imagine all those female office workers, buying their skinny lattes who would be tempted by a low-carb, gluten free sandwich, wrap or cookie. (Or perhaps just think of people like little old me, who despise your cardboard tasting coffee and your monopoly on the high street, but who can’t be arsed to make a packed lunch to take to work!)


  1. Heya! Didn't realise Starbucks had these gluten-free and wheat-free options, I'll have to see about getting it on the website in the near future.

  2. starbucks have a good range if you can get it, my starbucks has stopped selling the sandwiches. the brownies are nice though. for people who are coeliac best to know that the sprinkles for coffee contain gluten as do most of the frappucino mixes. costa's brownie also contains wheat starch, hoping they change this in the future


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