Gluten Free Chef of the Year

Coeliac Uk ( ) had a competition late last year to find the GF chef of the year. The winner was Peter McKenzie of South Lanarkshire Council. But in 2nd place was the chef of the St Paul’s Cathedral restaurant. I didn’t even know that St Paul’s had a restaurant!

The website says this –

“15 December 2009

Head Chef of St Paul's, Candice Webber was named runner up in the national Gluten Free Chef of the Year Competition - the competition, to design a three course gluten-free menu, was launched in the latter part of 2009 to raise awareness and highlight the need for greater provision of gluten free menu options for the one in 100 people in the UK that suffer with coeliac disease.

Dishes from Candice's mouthwatering menu plus other gluten-free delights will appear on both the Restaurant at St Paul's menu, as well as the Cafe's counters over the coming months.”

Awesome. I’ll just pop that on the already massive list of restaurants I want to go to then!


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