Gluten Free Burger King?

The big news over in the US celiac community is that Burger King have announced which of their menu items contains gluten.

I did a little investigation (well I went onto their over zealous and trying-too-hard-to-be-jovial website) and found a nutrition table with a column just for gluten (not just wheat though, which is a little annoying).

Turns out we can eat;

The milkshakes

Char-Grilled Chicken Fillet Strips

BK Fresh Apple Fries (WTF?!? Sounds yum/disturbing) *I have since discovered that these are in fact, pieces of apple in a bag. Gluten free? You're kidding!)

Garden Salad and

Flame Grilled Chicken Salad, though steer clear of the French Dressing! Honey & Mustard Dressing = OK.

They point out – “**No gluten on fries, possible cross contamination from fryers and gluten products.”

Mmmm aren’t we so lucky!

You know what I would really like to know? Are any of the burgers gluten free without the bun? Coz, you know, we’ve all been there.