Restaurant Help for Special Eaters

Here’s a really easy way to take the trauma out of eating out if you are on a ‘special’ diet, check out

Leave It Out is currently in beta mode so go on over and put it through its paces. You can search for restaurants by region and dietary requirements i.e gluten free, vegan, nut free, lactose free, egg free etc.

This is such a brilliant idea and I hope that people all over the UK will be able to take from it as well as giving something back.

Make sure you name and shame those restaurants who’s serving staff say ‘I’ll ask the chef’ and disappear for an hour, only to re-appear with a ‘he says the steak is OK’ answer (yes this has happened to me more than once!) and to champion those who are happy to provide detailed advice or even better, separate menus for special diets!

We can but dream!


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