Gluten Free Croissants!

See that exclamation mark up there? That is one of excitement, not anger!
My long suffering husband will testify that I really miss croissants and that I think the gluten free versions currently available are pants.

Imagine my excitement when I read online today that the people behind Genius Bread (currently selling an average 45,000 loaves a week!)
are extending their range next year and that may include croissants!

The article on says -
“We have 18 new products coming out including pre-sliced bread, rolls and ciabatta” said Bruce-Gardyne. She is also working on a gluten-free croissant. “Nothing will be launched unless it tastes as good or better than the mainstream alternative.”

I've got my fingers crossed for Lucinda at Genius. I hope she can pull it off! If her amazing bread loafs are anything to go by, I'm sure they'll be awesome.


  1. I'd love to try that. have you tried the Asda Free From croissants? my mother-in-law bought some & said it was like an uncooked potato cake! it really put me off giving it a go.

  2. Yeah they tend to taste a lot like that!
    I can see why the people at Genius have put a disclaimer after saying that they might make croissants. Theyre obviously impossible to make well without gluten!

  3. Would love to see these Croissants.
    We just can't get them right.

    maybe the last thing that will ever work gluten free.


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