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Gluten/Wheat Free Alcoholic Drink Guide

I noticed that quite a few people are finding my blog after Googling for info on the gluten content of certain alcoholic drinks.I though about doing a list of drinks to look out for if you are sensitive to wheat or gluten but I found an excellent web page that does all the work for me.Check out’s page details what drinks should be OK and where to find gluten free alternatives if not.One snag, the site is a US one so a lot of the brands named are American. However, some UK brands are named and I’m sure Lucy wouldn’t mind if you dropped her a line with your recommendations to add to the list.I expect this will be my last post until the new year, so please have a happy and safe Christmas!

Gluten Free Chipolatas

With Christmas coming up, it's very important to stock up on the gluten free goodies, as unlike everyone else, we can't dash to the local Spar to pick up the last minute essentials!One of the things I haven't seen in the shops is gluten free chipolatas (for sausages wrapped in bacon/parma ham). However I've just found some on the Black Farmer website's a handy 'Where to buy' button next to the products where you can enter your postcode. I think this just means where Black Farmer products are sold in general though, and not that product in particular, which is a shame. I just entered my mum’s postcode (where I’m spending Christmas) and her local Tesco came up, so with a bit of luck, I’ll get to wrap up the little piggies all snug for Christmas dinner! I really don’t fancy wrangling with proper sized sausages to make them, it’s bound to be messy!In relat…

Gluten/Wheat Free Tortillas

As I don’t have a tortilla press, so can’t make my own, I was quite annoyed when Discovery foods stopped making their Corn Tortillas. Unlike other corn tortillas you can buy, they didn’t also contain wheat flour.I always have a look at the ingredients of other brands when I’m in a new supermarket, just in case. Even the internet didn’t throw anything up at first.Finally, I’ve found a company who makes them wheat free. They come in packs of 40 but they say you can freeze them and take them out as needed.Ingredients - Corn Flour, Water, Preservative E202, Salt. Why has this proved to be so hard for other companies to produce?!The site is Link to the tortillas is going to please my husband no end. Yay tortilla nights!
Updated 24/03/11 to add, you can also buy them from

Gluten/Wheat free Custard

I was just looking for a recipe for wheat free custard online and found a great one on a website created by Peter Thomson.Peter’s got a book out that you can buy from Amazon UK and US.His recipes look very easy – none of that annoying American obsession with ‘cups’ for measuring and hardly any obscure or hugely expensive ingredients.Here’s his recipe for custard (essential for Christmas!)Ingredients
Serves 4
4 fl oz or 115ml can evaporated milk
3 oz or 75 g sugar
1 oz or 25g cornflour
¼ pint or 150ml milkMethodStir the sugar into the evaporated milk in a pan and stir over a gentle heat until all the sugar has dissolved.Bring to a simmer. Simmer gently for six minutes.Mix the cornflour with a little cold milk into a smooth paste, then add the remaining milk and mix well.Add the cornflour mixture to the evaporated milk mixture.Heat the custard, stirring continuously, until it reaches a simmer and the custard thickens. Do not boil the custard.VariationsAdd the following flavourings to the col…

Restaurant Help for Special Eaters

Here’s a really easy way to take the trauma out of eating out if you are on a ‘special’ diet, check out It Out is currently in beta mode so go on over and put it through its paces. You can search for restaurants by region and dietary requirements i.e gluten free, vegan, nut free, lactose free, egg free etc.This is such a brilliant idea and I hope that people all over the UK will be able to take from it as well as giving something back.Make sure you name and shame those restaurants who’s serving staff say ‘I’ll ask the chef’ and disappear for an hour, only to re-appear with a ‘he says the steak is OK’ answer (yes this has happened to me more than once!) and to champion those who are happy to provide detailed advice or even better, separate menus for special diets! We can but dream!

Gluten Free Afternoon Tea

...Is served daily from 3pm until 6pm at The Winter Garden Restaurant located in the Landmark Hotel, London! More details here -’s the menu.A selection of sandwiches:Organic egg mayonnaise and mustard cress, Free range corn fed chicken with tarragon, Smoked and poached salmon, Cream cheese and cucumber*Warm freshly baked gluten free scones with Cornish clotted cream, homemade strawberry preserves * A selection of French pastries Chocolate macaroon, Mango mousse, Fruit tartlet, Raspberry cheesecake, Strawberry meringue, Chocolate and raspberry crème brulee, Pistachio macaroon, Passion sorbet lollipop * Tea, coffee or herbal infusion £30.00Does that look amazing or what? I might just go there one day on my own!

Gluten Free Croissants!

See that exclamation mark up there? That is one of excitement, not anger! My long suffering husband will testify that I really miss croissants and that I think the gluten free versions currently available are pants.
Imagine my excitement when I read online today that the people behind Genius Bread (currently selling an average 45,000 loaves a week!) are extending their range next year and that may include croissants!
The article on says - “We have 18 new products coming out including pre-sliced bread, rolls and ciabatta” said Bruce-Gardyne. She is also working on a gluten-free croissant. “Nothing will be launched unless it tastes as good or better than the mainstream alternative.”
I've got my fingers crossed for Lucinda at Genius. I hope she can pull it off! If her amazing bread loafs are anything to go by, I'm sure they'll be awesome.

RECIPE Flourless Orange Cake

This middle eastern dessert is perfect for Christmas time and for anyone avoiding gluten. I cooked this a couple of weeks ago without the aid of a blender and my husband complained that the bits of skin were too big! Luckily I’m getting a blender for Christmas so I can make it again properly!
3 medium oranges
6 eggs, separated
225g caster sugar
200g ground almonds
1tsp baking powder

1. Place the clean, whole and unpeeled fruit in water to cover, and bring to the boil. Simmer for 1½ hours or until soft, adding more water when necessary. (I cheated and microwaved the oranges in a Tupperware tub half filled with water for about 20 mins.)2. Drain the oranges, cut into quarters, discard any major pips, and whiz the rest, including peel, in the food-processor, then cool.3. Heat the oven to 180C/Gas 4. Beat the egg yolks and sugar together in a large bowl until pale. Beat in the oranges, almonds, and baking powder.

Gluten Free Crackers

In my family, Christmas normally means small plates piled high with crackers, cold meats, red cabbage, pickled onions, cheese etc. Here's a super easy recipe for making crackers to have with your cheese at Christmas. I'm just gonna put this on the list of things I have to make - eek!
Ingredients1/4 cup chickpea/gram flour1/4 cup gluten-free baking flour1/4 tsp. salt1/4 tsp. baking powder1/8 tsp. turmeric1 tbsp. yeast1 tbsp. sesame seeds (roasted and ground)1/4 tsp. sesame oil3 tbsp. waterThings You’ll NeedWooden spoonRolling pinPlastic storage bagsBaking sheet

Wheat Free Muffin Mixes

...and other treats (including wheat free Christmas Cake) can be purchased from
Crayves - healthy, organic foods
Link -
Such a fantastic idea this - I love the idea of someone else doing all the hard work but mostly, that at the end of it, you have freshly baked muffins, warm from the oven.