Things I miss

(Note to Gluten Free food companies)

Scampi Fries
Pasta in shapes other than spaghetti, penne and fusili
Free bread rolls in restaurants
Cheapo instant noodles
Prawn Toast
Dry roasted peanuts
Pork Pies
Curly fries
Flavoured sausages
Naan bread
Boost chocolate bars
Fish in batter
Hot Dogs
Worcestershire Sauce Wheat Crunchies
Oxtail soup
My Nan’s bacon sandwiches

(I just know I’ll be updating this as I think of new things!)

I’ve just looked back at this list and it reads like a list of lard infused waist enemies.
Maybe I should be happy that there are no (or really bad) gluten free alternatives of the above!


  1. Croissants! Oh how I miss them!
    I used to say I missed white bread, but I gave in and had some the other day and it was crap! It's amazing how our tastes change. Really glad I didn't enjoy it, because it's one of those addictive foods and I'd be in trouble holding myself back from it!

  2. I have made trifle (well trifle base) with Doves Farm lemon zest cookies, it was delicious.


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