Low Carb Diet Linked to Depression

There was an article in the London Metro paper yesterday about a study they've done in Australia on dieting and the physical and emotional differences that result from a low fat diet and a low carb diet.

This is from http://www.hindustantimes.com/News-Feed/wellness/Low-carb-diet-may-land-you-in-depression/Article1-475166.aspx

"An Australian study published in prestigious medical journal, Archives of Internal Medicine, a journal of America Medical Association, shows that compared to low fat diets the very low carbohydrate diets can cause depression, anxiety and mood swings in the patients. The study says that very low carbohydrate diet takes away all the joys of weight loss."

"We see a lot of such cases were eliminating or giving less carbs than what the body requires is causing severe reaction in people and the reactions manifest more in the physical functions like in chronic fatigue syndrome, mixed anxiety, restlessness, palpitations and panic attacks," said Dr Jitendra Nagpal, Delhi based clinical Psychiatrist."

Of course foods high in carbohydrates include breads, pastas, beans, potatoes, bran, rice, and cereals.
Most of which are excluded from a gluten free diet.

Lesson #1 - give a celiac a hug!
Lesson # 2 - before going on a low carb/gluten free diet get on the happy meds!


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