God Bless Channel 4

The Channel 4 website has posted up a "gluten free" Christmas menu because...
"Most people want to stuff their face with stuffing on Christmas Day but fewer feel up for bloating like a balloon in front of the Queen's speech."

True dat.

Courses are;
Starter - Halloumi and Quinoa Salad
Main Course - Traditional Turkey with Pancetta Sausages
Dessert - Gluten free Christmas Cake

2 problems - Halloumi and quinoa? Not very Christmassy is it? Looks like they just bunged on a GF recipe they had lying around.
Also - "12 good chiplolata sausages"?! Can you even get gluten free chipolatas?

Ah well, they had a go.


  1. Marks and Spencers do a cracking range of gluten free sausages!


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