Free From Food Awards

I only found out about these food awards when I was on the Mrs Crimbles website today.
I find that really odd!

Looks like Tesco Free From is sponsoring the 2010 awards event. Blimey, it's like a germ.

The overall winner in 2009 was the Healthy Cake Company .
Their carrot and raisin cake sells on their website for £19.95 with £6.95 for P&P!
I think I'd rather order from

Though I am happy that Genius Bread won the Innovation award

I guess that these awards help us in that the bigger shops are more likely to stock the winning products. What I don't understand is why Tesco is sponsoring the award when they have (or can easily produce) their own alternatives of the submitted products?

As a side note - I'm also confused by companies calling their products 'healthy' just because they don't contain gluten!


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