Celiac Disease Home Testing Kit

I found a Biocard™ Celiac test in the Earl’s Court Branch of Boots yesterday after a few unsuccessful goes at finding one in smaller Boots. One Boots pharmacist took me over to one corner after I asked if they stocked tests for Celiac disease, then said “what’s that?” in the quietest voice with the most sympathetic face. I felt like I’d just told her I had the AIDS.

So, last night my husband and I attempted to puncture my finger (we are both major wimps it turns out) so I could put the blood in a tiny tube, mix the blood up with the testing solution before dipping the testy wand into the solution/blood cocktail. It was all very bizarre and felt a lot like I was testing for a gluten baby.

The wand came up negative. Phew.

But! The instructions say ‘you can have a negative test result if you are following a gluten free diet.’ Well obviously….but how am I to know if I have Celiac disease or not? Eat gluten and buy another test (£19.99). Hmm.

So I’m wracking my brains trying to remember if I’d had any gluten in the last few weeks. I’m sure I must have, so that means I don’t have it. And surely there would be some kind of line, albeit a really faint one if I really did have it.

I’m buggered if I know. Back to square one until I can find a GP who’ll agree to send me for proper tests.


  1. Even a serious celiac can get a negative test. Not sure of the chemistry of it all but I do know that false negatives are common. The biopsy is much more accurate.

    Mine was negative - but in the end it doesn't mean a lot, I *know* that gluten makes me feel physically and mentally grotty, so I don't eat it (uurrr, well, not often. I give in sometimes... and live to regret it).

    If it's a true negative then you're lucky - gluten intolerance is a whole lot nicer on the body!

    BTW I've heard it said that before doing a gluten intolerance test you should eat typical amounts of glutenous foods for six weeks. Blurgh. Are you willing to do that? I'm sure as hell NOT!

  2. urr, that should read: Gluten intolerance is nicer on the body than celiac (just thought I should clarify that because some people think they're the same thing)
    And: before doing a test for *celiac* you should eat blah blah blah six weeks. :D

  3. Hi Hippygeek,
    I'm the same, I know gluten makes me feel ill and affects my digestion and that wheat is the worst of all. I've long suspected that it's an intolerance rather than celiac because I didn't lose weight or anything. At the end of it all, you've just gotta go with your instincts.
    And no, It takes at least 2 weeks to get over the tiniest bit of flour so I am not prepared to eat gluten for 6 weeks!

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