Carluccios - Gluten Free Pasta Dishes!

It's almost the holy grail of GF! (The ultimate would be a gluten free 'real' tasting/textured croissant.)

Having got over the shame of not knowing about this place, I thought I’d post about it and just hope that you, dear readers won’t mock me for my ignorance (hopefully you will join me in my surprise and delight at the find!)

Carluccios is reviewed by celiac diners here
They actually offer a gluten free menu! They serve gluten free pasta dishes! They have branches all across Britain!

The menu on the website states “Gluten free menu available on request. Please ask your waiter.”

Now I’m just annoyed that I haven’t been paid yet.


  1. I have bookmarked now, I normally go to the Rainforest Cafe when I'm in London (I just like rainforests really). the menu does look really nice.

    they have 10% off the products in the shop on 3 December, & you get a free glass of mulled wine.


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